Datawave, Creator of the Innovative Wireless Bridge Family of Products, Launches New Website

Datawave Offers Industrial Wireless Communication Products that are User-Friendly

The founders of Datawave, a company that creates industrial wireless communication products including a family of Wireless Bridge products, are pleased to announce that they have launched their new and easy-to-navigate website.

To learn more about Datawave and check out their easy-to-use wireless hardware, please visit

As a company spokesperson noted, even though Datawave was founded in 2016, the company has already earned a well-deserved reputation for providing easy to use products for the wireless and Internet of things market. Their new Wireless Bridge product families are able to wirelessly enable RS-232, RS-485, analog or digital output devices that don't come natively equipped with wireless capability.

"Our team has decades of experience in product development and defining communications architectures," the spokesperson noted, adding that their industrial wireless products fit into a number of vertical markets including waste water, energy, storage tank monitoring, robotics, traffic and transportation and more.

In order to help their valued customers learn more about their Wireless Bridge products and the other services that they offer, the founders of Datawave recently decided to create and launch a user-friendly website. People who are interested in ordering the Wireless Bridge products may do so 24/7/365 on the new site.

In addition, while the founders of Datawave strive to design products that meet a broad number of applications, they realize that no one item can meet every need.

"If one of our products can be modified or redesigned to fit your needs, contact us and let us help determine if a design change or custom parameter can be your solution."

Datawave also offers design services to their customers; this includes product and project management, system engineering, 3D modeling, plastic injection molding design and other related services.

Thanks to the new website, the founders of Datawave are looking forward to working with even more customers. They are also currently working on new agreements to expand distribution and increase the amount of stock and its availability.

About Datawave:
Datawave creates industrial wireless communication products that fit into a number of different vertical markets that include connectivity for the internet of things and industrial information and control. They have products that interface to RS-232, RS-485 or common sensor analog and digital signal interfaces. All of their Wireless Bridge products can be easily configured via a USB interface. For more information, please visit