Datawave Annouces New Product Family for Wireless Internet of Things

Sartaoga Springs, UT — March 21, 2017 —
Datawave announced the release of a suite of new products that are designed to wirelessly enable legacy dataloggers, sensors and remote devices. The new Wireless Bridge product families wirelessly enable RS-232, RS-485, analog or digital output devices that don’t come natively equiped with wireless capability. The Wireless Bridge product families includes different frequencies and transmit powers to meet a wide variety of range and application requirements.

"There are millions of devices that have simple serial or I/O outputs," said John Schwartz, founder and CEO of Datawave. “We’ve created a product family that is easy to use and install and makes it easy to remove the cables that can inhibit connectivity.” All of the devices have a USB interface for configuration and the appropriate terminals or connectors for data and signals.

The Wireless Bridge products are currently available for sale on the Datawave website at New agreements are currently being worked to expand distribution and to widen stock and availability.

About Datawave
Datawave was founded in 2016 to provide easy-to-use wireless products and services for the IoT industry.

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