The Datawave Wireless and Digi-Key Electronics Partnership is Officially Announced

As a Multi-Billion Dollar Company with a Huge Inventory, Digi-Key Electronics is an Ideal Partner for Datawave Wireless

The founders of Datawave Wireless, a company that produces industrial wireless communication products, are pleased to announce that they have formally signed an agreement with Digi-Key Electronics for product distribution. The Datawave and Digi-Key Electronics partnership and distribution will officially begin in October, 2017.

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As a company spokesperson noted, Digi-Key Electronics is a powerful, multi-billion dollar company whose partnership with Datawave Wireless will enable mass exposure. As one of the fastest-growing distributors of electronic components in the world, Digi-Key Electronics is committed to offering the widest selection of in-stock electronic components, as well as providing outstanding customer service. Digi-Key Electronics is expanding their Internet of Things (IoT) footprint and has team members dedicated to leveraging Datawave and other IoT companies.

This is not the first time that Datawave Wireless has announced a key partnership; the company also has partnership agreements in place with Robotshop, Silicon Labs and Digi International.

The fact that Datawave Wireless has signed an agreement with Digi-Key Electronics will not surprise the many happy customers who have worked with the company since it first opened in 2016. Like Digi-Key Electronics, Datawave Wireless is also devoted to providing a wide selection of top quality products along with the best customer service in the industry.

"Datawave Wireless was founded to provide easy to use products for the wireless and Internet of Things market. Our team has decades of experience in product development and defining communications architectures," the spokesperson noted, adding that their wireless products fit into a number of different vertical markets including waste water, energy, traffic and transportation, robotics and many others.

In addition, Datawave Wireless offers a number of design services ranging from product and project management to electrical engineering, 3D modeling, and initial design consultation and product vetting.

About Datawave Wireless:
Datawave Wireless creates industrial wireless communication products that fit into a number of different vertical markets that include connectivity for the internet of things and industrial information and control. They have products that interface to RS-232, RS-485 or common sensor analog and digital signal interfaces. All of their Wireless Bridge products can be easily configured via a USB interface. For more information, please visit